Saturday, May 9, 2009

Housewife bondage

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

submissive slave suimei

suimei is a gorgeous slave girl. She's been featured on a lot of bdsm mov site and we're ies extremely pleased to have her on this scenee. suimei, has a fantastic little body and just oozes sexuality... Dressed in herblack collar Removing her clothing next, she reveals a stunning figure complete with a nice perky set of tits and a sweet little ass. When we hand suimei the ball gag, she tentatively puts it in her mouth not entirely sure what may come next. Luckily for us, the wait isn't long as we bind her tits in red rope and tie her hands behind her back. Next, we tie Riley to the Sybian cowgirl style and crank the Cumbot to high and watch Riley cum explosively

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rules of steel bondage

For those who like realism in bondage, there is no substitute for steel -- handcuffs and leg irons. Leather and rope can both be cut, not made secure and dangerously tight. Unfortunately, many tops who use handcuffs are not familiar with their tools. This can cause damage to their prisoners. If followed, the rules below will allow tops and bottoms to enjoy their scenes more.

Most cheap cuffs can be easily broken or forced open. A good pair of handcuffs bought in a police-supply store or ordered from a reputable specialty supplier will cost little mere than junk cuffs sold by porn shops. For modern-style U.S.-made cuffs, look for those from Peerless, Smith & Wesson, Jay-Pee, or the American Handcuff Co. The best old-style (non-swing-through) cuffs are Hiatts (made in England).

Smith & Wesson high-security cuffs cost a bit more, as do specialty models such as hinged cuffs.

Usually, the set-look is closed by inserting the pointed tip of the handcuff key into a small hole on the top of the lock ease of the cuffs; the setlock is opened by turning the key backward in the normal keyhole. Don't buy cuffs with lever-operated set-locks, which are typical of cheap manufacture. Lever-operated set-locks can easily open unintentionally and become loose and unreliable after a period of use.

Cuffs that have not been double-locked can tighten on the wrists if the prisoner struggles or changes position and thereby cause damage to the nerves.

The point of steel bondage is that it doesn't *have* to be tight to be secure. Don't tighten cuffs more than necessary; as long as the cuff won't slip off, it's tight enough. It should still be easy to move the cuff on your prisoner's wrist after it is locked and set; assuming no tension is applied to the fastening point, the cuff bows should not press into the skin at any point.

This can cause serious nerve damage. Suspending the arms above the head with steel cuffs, even with feet or body firmly planted on the floor, can cause damage if the tension is great or the position held for more than a few minutes.

You can break someone's wrist or arm that way. The outer edge of the cuff should just touch the wrist as you apply it; a short downward snap will swing the bow up through the locking part of the cuff and then back down and around the wrist. Practice snapping cuffs onto yourself until you get the technique down right. If it hurts you, it's going to hurt your prisoner.

Unless secured otherwise, cuffs attached in front can be a dangerous weapon. For s/m scenes where the highest security is less important than minimizing unnecessary danger to the bottom, it is better to fasten handcuffs behind the back so the palms are facing each other, making any tension on the cuffs affect only the less-vulnerable outer sides of the wrists. Palms-out behind the back offers better security (that's why cops are trained to do it that way) but is riskier and less comfortable.

Leg irons don't have to be tight to stay on. If they are, the bottom won't be able to walk, and the pressure could damage the Achilles tendons or bruise the ankles. Leg irons over boots are best if the prisoner will have to move around in them.

Nothing can ruin a scene quicker than trying to remove the bottom's restraints (or those you've put on yourself) and finding that you can't locate the keys.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

slave's self restrained

A slave dream of self restrain has finally come to reality as she self pleasured and self punish her self into an extreme bdsm lifestyle experience. Unlike any other this scene is a rare treat that is unusual because of it ubique style of bdsm lifestyle but in this case it is different because she is doing a self restrained orgasm as she became her own master and own sub slave.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Submissive or slave?

As I wrote in a previous post, I was feeling lost. I knew my purpose was to serve and please him, but I didn't know how to fulfill that purpose. I needed to know how to serve him better, how to be what he wanted me to be... heck, I needed to know what he wanted me to be. I needed guidance and direction, and most of all control.

So, Griz and I sat down and talked about things… where we wanted to go with our D/s and what each of us wanted out of it. And here's where we ended up: the goal is for me to completely surrender my will to him, to put myself under his control 24/7. Ultimately, our goal is to have a total power exchange relationship. This won't happen for us overnight. I need to learn to trust him more and obey him even when it doesn't suite me. I don't want to be his sometime submissive, I want to be his submissive all the time... which brings me to a topic I've been struggling with recently...

Submissive or slave?

When Griz and I first talked about moving toward a TPE relationship, he phrased it as a "Master/slave" dynamic. And I hesitated, because I've never seen myself as a slave, and I like identifying myself as a submissive. I had thought of a slave is more of an object and while I love the idea of Griz treating me like an object some of the time, I honestly don't see how we could keep up that dynamic all the time and still have a loving marriage. Slave also has sexual connotations to me, like sex slave, whereas submission is about all of it - the sex and the service. I feel like his slave during heavy play, but not when I'm fixing him dinner. I realize this is a highly charged subject about which many knowledgeable slaves and submissives and masters have written about, so I'll just preface this by saying these are only my opinions.

To get to the bottom of my feelings about being his slave, he gave me assignment to learn more about M/s by reading online and talking with a couple of other slaves or submissives. My good friend, padme, and my new friend martha were kind enough to listen to me and answer my questions. They were both so patient with me and thoughtful in their responses- thank you so much! My basic question was, what is the difference between a slave and a submissive? Both padme and martha said they started out as submissives, and eventually became slaves, and they both characterized being a slave as a more intense form of their submission... which is what I read on some of the websites I visited. Some people view being a slave as an extreme form of submission, others view slavery as something completely different from submission. There seem to be a lot of different opinions and definitions out there. One of the main differences between a slave and a submissive seems to be limits. Many of the websites I read said that submissives work within a framework of limitations, whereas slaves have no limits. But padme brought up a good point in that most (if not all) people have some limits, even if it's only one, even slaves. Are there slaves out there who would kill themselves or someone else if their Master commanded it? Maybe, but I think there are very few of them. So, I don't think a slave can be defined by limits, what someone will or won't do. After talking with padme and martha, I think being a slave is more of a state of mind than a set of actions. I think being a slave is an extreme, much more intense form of submission, but still fundamentally submission.

So with all that being said, does it matter what words Griz and I choose to define our relationship? I don't think it does. I am HIS, His good girl, His submissive, His slave, His lover, His friend, His (almost) wife. That's all that matters.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slave training

Slave training is a BDSM activity usually involving a consensual power exchange between two people taking on the roles of a master or mistress and a slave. Typically this involves changing the slave's behavior in a manner that is pleasing to the master or mistress, perhaps instructing the slave to follow a set of rules that the master or mistress has set out.

Slave training is a learning process both for the slave (or submissive) and for the master or mistress, or dominant. Training will usually be set out and defined clearly before it begins. The master or mistress will teach the slave how to speak, act and think in a way that is pleasing to them. The slave, in return, gets pleasure from being able to make their master or mistress happy. Or, the slave gets a reward like food, a bed, etc.

In some instances, in more extreme relationships, it may also involve some forms of aversion training. This could include use of spanking, cropping or clamping to encourage compliance, and to permit the slave to find an excuse for complying in their own minds. This can be challenging for the dominant, because if the "slave" being trained is also a masochist, they may enjoy punishment, therefore punishment may need to be withheld rather than applied, to create the unpleasant result that the punishment requires.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gorgeous submissive slave

Here is one of the most gorgeous submissive slave i have ever seen! She just capture my heart for i fall in love with this gorgeous slave while she is tied and helpless i just cant stop envying her master for having such a great slave as she is. Naked tied in a rope and wearing her collar this slave really brings out the best in me and i want to punish her for being such a gorgeous slave i just want to dominate her and give her a nice bondage sex to pleasure a nice and gorgeous submissive slave.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slave's pleasure time

A true Master shall take pride in the fact that a woman has chosen to devote her entire being to the satisfaction and fulfillment of his desires. Just as she, in return, can take pride that such a man has chosen her, above all others to provide that fulfillment. For openers, the female should decide that she may actually be a true submissive, and find the courage and commitment to put herself in the hands of a true Master. She must know that at that precise moment her option to make choices will end. He will do what he wants to do, completely apart from her preconceived ideas.

I am not necessarily referring to physical discipline, and I am most definitely not referring to the extremes of physical discipline. There are always limits, and the true Master knows what they are. He also knows that those limits are different for every slave. But he also knows that regardless of those individually determined limits, every slave should at least once be forced to go one step beyond what she believes she can endure.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mistress eris and her slave

This is one of my favorite scene were i see a real slave submissively dominated by her mistress as this slave became a human ashtray and shoe cleaner of a real dominate mistress. It is just another ordinary night when mistress eris come home from work and she is doing so home work at her place but just as ordinary night mistress eris slave is always there to pleasure her with a nice shoe cleaning and by licking mistress eris foot. Mistress eris also pleasure her slave by letting her lick her nice juicy pussy while the submissive slave is wearing his collar. So if you want to see more BDSM and Fetish movies you can always visit and

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Submissive slave sucking

Nothing Beats a Submissive slave sucking and it is the best way of pleasuring your master by giving him a nice warm mouth licking your master's cock. As a real submissive i always love to suck and be brutalize and punish by master as he tie me with a rope master ordered me to suck him and pleasure him by letting him suck his nice juicy cock . This is always been the best thing that will happen to me and this is the right way to enjoy BDSM lifestyle and i totally enjoying it.